Collaborate and Share

Collaborate and Share


Collaboration in ioAudio is the art of sharing threads  with family, friends, or colleagues to get them to contribute content to your thread. That results in a listening experience everyone can enjoy.

How Collaboration works

Collaboration is helpful to workers, educators, students, including everyday people as users can collaborate and share playlists and threads.


  • From any thread, click Collaborate & Share. 

  • Add the email address of those you would like to collaborate with and share in the thread; you can add as many people as you like.

How sharing works

  • The invitee(s) will get an email with a link to sign up or log in to their ioAudio account.

  • Once logged in, they will get a notification to accept or reject the invitation to participate in the thread. After accepting, the invitee(s)can add content to the thread, which you will immediately see in the thread in your account.


Here is a visual representation of how your shared thread will look like:

Users have complete control over the list of collaborators and can remove a collaborator at any time. 

Note: The content added by a collaborator will still be in the thread even if they are removed.

How notifications work

The opposite is possible! You can also get invited to collaborate on another user’s thread. In addition to the email you will receive, you can accept or reject the notification by clicking the notifications bell icon in the top navigation bar below.

While at the Collaborate & Share menu, check out how you can integrate  your email, making it easy to share your threads.