Downloading MP3 of Converted Content

Downloading MP3 of Converted Content


ioAudio automatically connects different pieces of content in a thread to get one continuous listening experience. The app offers all users the option to download threads and playlists to their favorite local apps like Spotify and iTunes. 

How to download an MP3

There are a number of Download options available on the Home screen. 

  1. The Download icon is found next to your thread name, on the top left of the page


  1. Alternatively, click on DOWNLOAD RECORDING within the respective thread.

After clicking the Download icon, the thread will start downloading as an MP3 and automatically save                to your Windows, or Mac, making it easy to access or transfer to Spotify or Itunes.

How to listen to your Mp3 on Spotify

Once your Mp3 file has been downloaded and added successfully to your device, transferring to Spotify is simply a walk in the park.



  1. Download and install the Spotify app.

  2. Select Settings on Spotify, then scroll down to the Local Files section.

  3. Turn the toggle on Show local files; it will turn green.

  4. Scroll down and click on Add a Source

  5. If you’re on Windows, a File Explorer window will open. If you’re on a Mac, a Finder window will open. In this window, navigate to the folder that has your local files and select that folder.

  6. Select your ioAudio Mp3 downloaded file, and it will be added to your Local files under Your library on Spotify.

  7. Listen anytime, anywhere, and enjoy!

Note: You must be a Premium Spotify Subscriber. Currently, the company doesn’t allow free users to add local files to Spotify.

How to listen to your Mp3 file on iTunes

Transferring to iTunes is also flawless!.


  1. Download and install the iTunes app

  2. Select file from the toolbar; a drop-down menu will show.

  3. Choose, Add to Library for Mac devices, Add File to Library or Add Folder to Library for Windows device.

  4. Navigate to your ioAudio Mp3 downloaded folder to add to iTunes.

  5. Listen anytime, anywhere, and enjoy!

With ioAudio, users can Collaborate and Share  their threads with friends and family before downloading to their favorite apps.