ioAudio has an exciting feature that allows users to sync their email, calendar, contacts, or Slack to their ioAudio account. That is what we call the ultimate effectiveness and efficiency.

Integrating email


  1. Click the Integrations tab next to Analytics

  1. Click on the Email icon then key in your preferred email provider

Users can sign in through Google, Yahoo, Microsoft, or IMAP

  1. Click Connect to integrate your email successfully

Integrating your calendar


  1. Go to Integrations tab.

  2. Click Calendar to integrate.

In case you are held up, there’s an option to book a time on your calendar and set a reminder to listen to a thread. Something to note, this will work only when you’ve integrated your email.


Schedule a time to listen by picking the date that you want to book the time.

Once you have selected a time and date, you will receive a notification as below.


If you delete an event from your calendar, our system will automatically delete the event from the user’s history and tools.

Integrating contacts


  1. From the Integrations tab, click on Contacts

  2. Import Contacts (works only when you’ve integrated your email)

  1. A list of your contacts will show; you can Select all or the ones you prefer

    4. Save contacts

    Integrating contacts allows users to import contacts for easier collaboration and sharing among friends and family. 

    Would you like to clean up your list and remove threads that are no longer useful? ioAudio allows you to archive  and unarchive at your convenience.