An ioAudio playlist is a collection of multiple threads  that give the user a seamless listening experience. For users that require organization and harmony, they can easily achieve this by adding multiple threads into one playlist.

How to create a playlist


  1. Go to the Playlists tab and Create New Playlist

  1. Enter the Playlist Name and select the threads you would like to add

  2. Confirm

  1. That’s it!

Our system will automatically connect the threads for one seamless podcast-like listening experience.



ioAudio playlists help improve reading efficiency where students can create playlists in Spotify and mark essential sections of audio. That enables them to create lists of audio based on topics for better organization and flawless listening sessions.

Business productivity

Users can send playlists to colleagues via Slack or email. That includes working together on a project or skill and collaborating and sharing.

Personal productivity

Most people actively work out, garden, care for children, or even work from home. Playlists help you plan and organize your articles so you can listen without interruption while you handle your business.


The healthcare industry is usually busy, and multitasking is inevitable. ioAudio promotes this feature via playlists, enabling users to download audio files to devices for offline consumption.

ioAudio makes it easier to organize audio into threads and playlists that users can upload to Spotify for personal listening or sharing with others on Slack or email. You can choose your preferred choice from our list of six audio voices  ranging from Joanna to Matthew.