Redeeming AppSumo Codes

Redeeming AppSumo Codes


ioAudio  partnered with AppSumo to give its users a lifetime deal of only $59. We issue a code after the first purchase, which users should redeem within 60 days.

What is AppSumo?

App sumo is a lifetime software deal marketplace. A software deal is available as a lifetime deal for a price that is a fraction of what you would pay annually. Multiple deals can be live at the same time. AppSumo releases three new deals each week.

How to get started

  1. Create an account/Sign up 

You will receive a welcome email to confirm your email address, and that will lead you straight to the AppSumo page.

If you already have an account, Login using your credentials.

  1. Navigate to the Search bar

  2. Search for ioAudio 

  1. Buy Now

  1. Add to cart and proceed to checkout

  1. Fill in your details and purchase

How to redeem your AppSumo code

So you have taken the plunge and purchased your deal. The next step would be finding ioAudio on the “Products” page of your AppSumo Account. 

Here is a walkthrough:

  1. Head to AppSumo

  1. Select the “dropdown” icon from the navigation bar at the top right of the page.

  1. Click on Products  

  1. Use the Actions dropdown menu to the right of your products to select Redeem or Activate - this depends on if you have purchased a code-based product or a product license (ioAudio is a code-based product).

Users can see their redemption information, including redemption links and instructions for each product. If you purchased more than one code of a particular deal, you will notice that each product listing on the Products page represents a single code. Therefore you will see multiple deals you have purchased more than one code for)

The Products page also has the Filter dropdown menu, to sort through Active, Not Redeemed, and Refunded products

Appsumo provides the option to Mark as Redeemed in your redemption instructions so you can keep track of your redeemed products within your AppSumoaccount.

How to Redeem through ioaudio

Users can redeem their code via ioAudio account.

  1. Login to your ioAudio account

  1. Click Settings at the top right of the page 

  1. Select Billing and Payments icon 

  1. Insert your code 

  1. Submit.

Would you be required to confirm if you have redeemed your code? Feel free to reach out to our support team at