ioAudio is a text-to-speech app that converts written material to audio. By typing in, copy-pasting, uploading a document, importing content from web pages, or adding emails, users can convert their material and get a podcast-like experience with uninterrupted listening sessions.

By uploading content, users get to organize them into threads which then make up a playlist.  The Audio player feature on threads enables users to choose from a variety of 6 natural sounding voices(4 female and two male) and listen to their favorite blogs or emails. Other features on the Audio player include fast advance, fast rewind, skip forward, skip back, and speed increase of upto two times the average speed.

Additional features include Archiving your threads, Integrating your email and calendar to a specific date as well as setting a reminder to listen to your converted audio. Users can also download content to their devices (Mac or Windows) and even further to Spotify or Itunes.