Terms of Service

Terms of Service


ioAudio is a professional workspace where professionals, students, and persons with impairments get to convert their content and experience uninterrupted audio listening. However, there are certain activities that ioAudio does not tolerate.

What are the critical ioAudio policies?

ioAudio does not permit and will swiftly address any talent or client who is associated with:

  • Creating, promoting, supporting, or engaging in any form of child exploitation

  • Engaging in illegal activities

  • Hacking of websites or systems

  • Creating disinformation/fake news

Trust and safety actions 


Trust is at the heart of the Upwork community, and we genuinely want to see everyone on the platform succeed. Our Trust & Safety team is constantly working to monitor and address areas of concern for clients, talent, and the marketplace as a whole. 


What is Trust & Safety (T&S)?


The Trust & Safety team comprises dedicated product managers, policy managers, engineers, data scientists, operations managers, and agents. The goal of T&S is to create a trustworthy and safe work marketplace by addressing risk areas and identifying anyone set on abusing the work marketplace, other customers, or Upwork itself. The team also implements programs that educate customers and promote a great customer experience. 


When and why does Trust & Safety take action?

The Trust & Safety team will prevent something terrible from happening, like fraud or an Upwork policy violation, or address when something bad has already happened. The team's response varies depending on how severe the issue is and whether a warning was issued before.


Regardless of the situation, actions come only after Trust & Safety has investigated and established what happened. 

What are the actions Trust and Safety could take?

  • Notification - A notification is sent when something requires the customer’s attention (like an expired payment method).

  • Warning - Warnings are used to let the customer know they have violated the Terms of Service.

  • Restriction - T&S will use this to temporarily restrict the customer from certain activities after a ToS violation; the restriction is removed once the customer takes the appropriate action and recommits to comply with the Terms of service.

  • Timed Restriction - T&S will use a timed restriction to restrict the customer from certain account activities for a while after a ToS violation

  • Block - We issue blocks when the offense is severe enough, or the customer has refused to abide by the ToS. Blocks prohibit the customer from using ioAudio.