The Audio Player

The Audio Player


The audio player is found at the top of each thread. It has six natural-sounding voices (four female and two male) that users can select to match their streaming needs.


  1. Select your voice of choice at the drop-down icon

  2. Hit the play button to listen to the thread

Once you hit play, playback will start with the first content that was added.

Audio Player Controls

There are various controls in the audio player:

  • Progress bar

It shows the length of playback for one piece of content.

  • Download button

Downloading is a great option if you would like to listen via itunes or Spotify. It downloads one MP3 file for the entire thread.

Note: ioAudio has no restrictions on using recordings for commercial use as long as one does not infringe the proprietary rights of any third party.

  • 30 seconds fast advance

  • 30 seconds fast rewind

  • Skip forward to the next piece of content in the thread

  • Skip back to the previous piece of content in the thread

  • Users can choose the speed of playback up to 2 times the normal speed. 

  • Additionally, one has the option of listening to each piece of content by hovering over the entry and hitting the play button in the hover menu as described below.

Learn more  on how to download converted content from your audio player to your MP3.