Converting emails, blogs, and documents to audio one at a time can be tedious. Thanks to ioAudio , users can now upload multiple files (or text) at once, creating an audio thread. You have an option of simultaneously converting one or multiple pieces of content.


  • Uninterrupted listening; click play, and you are good to go!

  • Choose from 6 natural-sounding voices (4 female voices and 2 male voices)

  • A listen-anywhere experience; auto-play while at work, at home, or on the road

  • Convert Doc, Docx, Text, PDF, Website URLs, and emails into natural-sounding streaming audio

The science behind it: 

ioAudio algorithms will automatically edit your content to remove texts (not relevant to most listening experiences). The app automatically removes headers, footers, page numbers, long URLs, and metadata. This way, you can eliminate the time-consuming task of editing your documents for listening next.

Our system will automatically connect the different pieces of content in a thread to get one continuous listening experience. This is helpful especially when you want to listen during a long drive or a long workout.

How long can you make a thread?

One thread has a maximum of a hundred thousand characters that can be converted into one listening experience. This is about 200 pages, single-spaced or 400 pages, double-spaced, and approximately eight hours of listening time.

Depending on the size of your content, it could take a few minutes or seconds to convert content to a thread. You may need to manually refresh the browser tab to get the updated version.

We're working on improving this operation to be more consistent and predictable, which includes speeding up the process.

How to create a new thread:

  1. Click Create new thread

  1. Enter the Thread Name and Confirm

You can always change the title from the area below:

Or from the pencil icon indicated below:

    Users can upload a picture to make it easy to identify a thread

     3.  Add content

There are five options to add content:

  • typing your text

  • copying and pasting text

  • uploading a document

  • adding a URL

  • importing an email

Typing your text into the thread

If you'd like to type in your text, type in the space at the bottom of your page and click the arrow button to add text to the thread. 


Copying and pasting a block of text into the thread

It works the same way as typing in your text, except copying and pasting that block of text and clicking the arrow button will add it to the thread. 

Uploading a document

If you want to upload a document, you can do that from the file icon below.


Larger documents and longer threads will take a little longer to process and convert. 

Adding a URL

You can also import text from web pages by copying and pasting a URL in the same spot where you type your text into the thread .

Currently, ioAudio can only import web pages that aren't locked behind a paywall or log in. 

Adding emails from your inbox

If you haven't already integrated your inbox, you'll need to go to the Integrations tab and select your email provider. 

You can choose from Gmail, Microsoft 365, or exchange Yahoo mail or your IMAM server.

Once you are logged in, head back to threads and start adding emails by clicking the email icon in the pop-up. 


A list of emails from your integrated account will pop up where you can select one or multiple emails to the thread.

4. Finally!

    Let's take a look at a fully converted thread:

Threads offer great flexibility! Users can explore their creative side, from picking different voices to adding content from most sources. If you want an even longer listening experience, you can create a playlist  of multiple threads.