Why is a thread taking long to convert?

With ioAudio, converting content to speech could take a few minutes depending on the content, and you may need to refresh your browser tab to get the updated version manually.

What's unique about AppSumo code/Business plan?

The AppSumo  lifetime code grants you the unlimited plan, known as the "Business Plan." We'll be releasing a correction to that error on the account status in the top navigation section soon. 

Content not uploading.

You can upload a pdf, type in a text, copy and paste, and import emails and text from web pages. It may take some time (5 - 10 minutes to convert). We allow for a maximum of 100,000 characters on a thread, which is roughly 200 pages single-spaced or 400 pages double-spaced.

How do I request a feature?

We appreciate your interest in ioAudio and the ideas you have to enjoy the product better. 

To request a feature, please take a minute to submit the request on our Idea Board - this way, we can track the request back to you and keep you updated? 

Here's the link

Can I sign up for free?

You can sign up for our free plan  by:

  1. Navigate to the website, click on the Free sign-up bar at the top left of the page.

  1. Key in your email address, accept terms and conditions, then click Continue.


Login and enjoy ioAudio services.

Do you have a Demo video?

Yes, we do have a Demo  video; here are the steps to access it:

  • Navigate to the ioAudio web app, click on the Demo icon at the top of the page.

  • Hit play to learn more about the best text-to-speech app.